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Welcome! Since 2014, LOL Kids Club has provided tens of thousands of Southern, California and Nevada families with impeccable, award-winning, indoor playscapes, party rooms, and premium food services.

We invite you explore the exclusive LOL Kids Club NFT & Merch  collections, offering lifetime memberships, VIP discounts, custom merchandise and more. Thank you for being a part of our community. Watch this space for more digital experiences!

Lifetime Access All Locations Las Vegas Ontario Yucaipa More to come!

"We have gone twice now. Both times were great. But the 2nd time was wonderful, it was only a handful of children. So it was nice. Very big area to run around. 3 hours isn't enough for my 4 year old. She loved it both time. The pizza is very good as well." -

Tiffany C.

A Non-Fungible Token, or NFT, is a form of a digital record that is stored in an unchangeable, public, cloud computer system called a blockchain. The ownership of these tokens can be bought, sold, or gifted. At the LOL Kids Club, our NFT memberships are minted on the Solana blockchain, and immediately offer you and your child a whole new world of exclusive benefits.


LOLKC Founder’s Genesis NFT

Lifetime Membership: All Access

This Limited Edition Founder’s Genesis NFT grants the holder lifetime access to all LOL Kids Club retail locations, virtual playscapes, special events, apps, games, promotions and a special edition collectible Founder’s t-shirt.



LOLKC #2 Genesis Summer NFT

Lifetime Membership: Yucaipa

This Limited Summer Edition NFT grants the holder full access to the LOL Kids Club’s indoor playground in Yucaipa, CA between Memorial Day through Labor Day each year.


NFT #3

LOLKC #3 Genesis Summer NFT

Lifetime Membership: Ontario

This Limited Summer Edition NFT grants the holder full access to the LOL Kids Club’s indoor playground in Ontario, CA between Memorial Day through Labor Day each year.


NFT #4

LOLKC #4 Genesis Summer NFT

Lifetime Access: Las Vegas
This Limited Summer Edition NFT grants the holder full access to the LOL Kids Club’s indoor playground in Las Vegas, NV between Memorial Day through Labor Day each year. 



"I've been taking my kids here since it's opened. I threw a birthday party here in September. It's a huge indoor party/ obstacle course for parents so beware. Yes it's a workout so dress accordingly. We all had a blast though!!! If you have active kids please go!!"

-Frank G.

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"This place is rather inexpensive for kids to play. I LOVE the diversity here and my children will play, play, PLAY for hours. It's large enough for me, grandma, and daddy to fit to follow along and moniter the kids play safely. The atmosphere is quite nice, they play music and keep the area cool. You can bring your laptop or a book to read and relax while the kids go w i l d." 

-Autumn B.

We can’t wait to share what we are building for the entire family!


Nothing tells the truth like a laugh. That’s why we thrive as a place where kids’ laughter reminds parents why the trip was worth it. With adventurous indoor playgrounds, memorable birthday parties, stellar food options and more, we understand the treasure that is children being able to actively play. Parents and grandparents being able to relax while knowing the little ones could not be happier makes a visit to LOL Kids Club a day everybody in the home can look forward to.

As families keep coming back to LOL Kids Club, we highlight opportunities not just for activeness but for growth. Whether coming back to make art, navigate obstacle courses, attend holiday events or other joyous reasons, this is the place to watch your kids grow in an environment where they can fully be themselves. 

But the chance to learn and grow does not stop with the kids. That’s why we are here to welcome the whole family to discover the benefits of our NFT membership. This is the perfect membership to make endless memories and get a head start to the future.

Our NFT Membership Welcomes Your Family

As technology rapidly changes the world today’s kids will inherit, our NFT membership will help families better understand and utilize a new currency. Although NFTs are gaining traction among younger people, we see no reason why this phenomenon can’t be relished by all generations. We want to make sure that everybody understands NFTs and enjoys them. 

NTF stands for non-fungible tolken. These are items that can be digitally collected. Once purchased, an NFT can be sold or traded. NFTs are unique and can’t be replaced. Ownership of an NFT is verified. 

As parents and grandparents can remember when items such as comic books or baseball cards were coveted, they can now experience a new love of collecting with digital assets. 

What The NFT Membership Offers 

Access to Fun-Filled Events  

The fun never stops for our yearly NFT holders. Being a yeary NFT holder will give you access to events that will become everlasting memories. Special events with a fantastic variety of food and DJ music will bring smiles to faces of all ages. 

Lifetime Access to Specific LOL Kids Club Locations 

With the NFT Membership, families can explore other locations as we continue to grow. You will get to see what unforgettable experiences other facilities have in store. 

Special Offers and Discounts

We understand the value of a good deal. That’s why the NFT membership includes offers and discounts that will help families get the most out of their time at LOL Kids Club. 

Members Only Online Community

As we expand physical locations, our online community is growing. Families can bond through wonderful experiences this way while not leaving the house. The NFT membership assures that the fun won’t end when the kids leave the building.

LOL Kids Club Metaverse Early Access 

As more parts of life become digital, we are ready for the new generation of play. While we provide marvelous indoor venues, we are excited to welcome the family to the LOL Kids Club Metaverse. NFT Membership includes early access to our meteverse full of incredible discoveries waiting to be explored.

 The New Era of Fun Awaits You

As LOL Kids Club celebrates being active, we are active in making an environment for the whole family that doesn’t fear the world of technology but embraces it. As kids become more and more adaptable to the digital age, we are eager to say goodbye to the days when parents and grandparents feel left out by new technology. We can’t wait to welcome you and your family to the adventures that await!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We understand there are many questions that arise from NFTs. That’s why we are happy to answer some of the most common ones. 

What is cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is currency that exists in virtual or digital form. It is transferred through a computer network which does not depend on banks or big government.   

Do I have to have crypto to purchase an LOL Kids Club NFT?

No. Your credit card payments are accepted for your NFT at the LOL Kids Club online shop at

What is a blockchain?

A blockchain is a digital ledger that is decentralized yet works across computer networks for smooth crypto transactions.  

What blockchain is LOL Kids Club NFTs using?

LOL Kids Club NFTs are using the Solana blockchain. This blockchain is known for being fast and having low fees. 

How do I know if it is a real NFT?

A blockchain will determine if the NFT is real. A real NFT will be recorded on the blockchain. Your LOL Kids Club NFTs are stored on the Solana blockchain. You ownership can be verified. 

Why would I buy an NFT?

A digital asset can have the potential to grow in value. Just like a painting can gain value over time, an NFT can as well. 

How do I buy an NFT?

You can purchase an NFT on our homepage or our online shop .

How do I use an NFT for LOL Kids Clubs?

The VIP NFT members check-in system will allow you to check-in with your NFT and access your member benefits. Visit

Can I resell my NFT?

Yes, following the completion of our minting process, either by the project selling out completely or minting being ended early by the LOL Kids Club team, your NFTs can be listed and resold on secondary NFT marketplaces. 

Does LOL Kids Club offer multiple NFTs?

Yes. We will be offering a variety of NFTs. These NFTs will provide members with special benefits. 

How long has NFT technology been around? 

The technology has been around since 2014. However, they are now gaining global recognition. 


"The best playground I have taken my kids to hands down super nice staff, very clean, and great good. I could easily go 5 mins up the street and save the gas but I don't mind taking half hour commute."

-Antonio M.


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